Early riser step-by-step instructions

Fact is, the majority of us are neither night owls, nor early birds, but normal people, who can learn how to wake up early.


Based on the earlyHOMER method how to wake up early
these are the steps to become an early riser.

  • Daily evening preparations: 5 minutes
  • One time preparations: 10 – 30 minutes

Step 1: Hobby

  • Think of something you enjoy doing but often lack time or tranquility to do. Prepare it for tomorrow!
  • Even if it would be just to read a magazine or book, you should clean up your desk or couch, put the magazine on it, have it perfectly prepared for tomorrow.
  • Don´t worry if you don´t come up immediately with something you would really like to do. Take some minutes if necessary.

Step 2: One move

  • Place the light switch close beside your alarm clock
  • I would also recommend to get a free waking app like “Glimmer” or a light waker, which imitates a sunrise and starts emitting light half an hour before the sound alarm starts.

Step 3: Morning ritual

This is your plan of action against the first and hardest minutes in the morning.

  • Register to fill out and save your totally free morning ritual
  • Now plan precisely the first 10 minutes or so of your morning and adjust the morning ritual list

Things should happen automatically after the waking alarm, like in a car parked on a hill with released handbrakes.

  • Visualize or even play the first minutes of your morning through as Steve Pavlina recommends it, to find out what you will have to prepare in the next step to have a really comfortable start
  • Adjust the list during the next days if necessary

Step 4: Evening preparations

As with the morning ritual, the evening preparations will soon become a habit. However, you first have to think them through once and then remember everything. Your evening list will make this process very easy.

  • Based on your morning routine think through what you have to prepare every evening, to have a perfect morning and write it on the list.
  • Check in the evening, if you have prepared everything and you will soon remember all without the list.

Wherever you are, from now on, you will always remember how to prepare for early rising.

Step 5: Reward

It´s a tiny thing, but makes the early morning even more enjoyable and makes you feel good.

  • Put on your evening list a point, that reminds you to clean up your favorite tea cup or have another small reward prepared for yourself.

Early rising tools

To become early rising a natural habit, adjust your

and the

to help you track your sleeping quality and what works or doesn´t for you.

Enjoy the magic tranquility, inspiration and abundance of time, that you experience only in the early mornings.

I would also love to hear your feedback and recommendations how to improve this site, so feel free to write.