How to wake up early

earlyHOMER is a 5 step method to learn how to wake up early

HOMER stands for:

  • Step 1:    H obby – Begin the day with a hobby
  • Step 2:    O ne move – Switch light on, when turning the alarm off
  • Step 3:    M orning ritual – Have a morning ritual
  • Step 4:    E vening preparations – Crucial for waking up early
  • Step 5:    R eward – Prepare a tiny reward for yourself



Begin the day with a hobby

Remember the morning you went on holidays as a child? The best motivation to get out of bed is to start the day with something you love to do.

  • Prepare in the evening everything you need to start your day with your hobby. When you open your eyes in the morning, you will have a smile on your face, knowing, that you can start with it right away
  • This might be to read your favorite blog, watch a tutorial or to paint. Have it prepared, ready to go


One move


Switch the light on immediately after turning the alarm off

Switch light on, immediately after turning the alarm off. Doing this in one move is simple and very effective, as it depends on these few seconds, if you get up or fall asleep again. Exposing yourself to light is the best waking method.

  • The free light alarm waking app “glimmer” is a nice tool, which starts generating light half an hour before the actual alarm starts. You become woken up gently by light (highly recommended)
  • Get up right away, don´t snooze. Sleeping experts regularly warn not to use the snooze function, which messes up your sleeping quality


Morning ritual

The first few minutes after the waking alarm are the most difficult ones. You want these minutes to pass as a natural habit, like tooth brushing, with no need of thinking or willpower. If you plan them right once, they will become a habit.

Use our free online tool to prepare your private morning ritual like the one you see on the right.

  • The morning ritual is a planned sequence of things you do in the morning, which quickly become a habit without the need to even think about them.
    It makes waking up early self-acting and much more comfortable.


Evening preparations

Whether you will get enough sleep and have a king-like morning depends all on your evening preparations, therefore this is a very important step.

Use our free online tool to prepare your private evening preparatinos list like the one you see to the right.

  • The list will remind you to place everything exactly where you need it, so you don´t need to look for anything in the morning
  • Start your evening preparations early in the evening in order to get to bed early



Enjoy your morning

Enjoy your morning

Prepare a tiny reward for yourself for getting up early

  • Have your favorite tea or musli bowl prepared and ready to use with no effort in the morning
  • Clean up your desk and hobby area

Knowing your slippers, bathrobe and favorite cup of tea wait for you, exactly as you like it, will make you feel like a king.


Want to become an early riser now?

Based on this waking method follow the step-by-step instructions and become an early riser